Our Team

Joshua Ledbetter, founder and CEO of Ledbetter, Inc.

Founder & CEO

Joshua, born with 100% hearing loss in both ears, founded Ledbetter in 2012 after facing adversity and discrimination in his post-graduation job search. He is now dedicated to empowering people to live their best lives. As the company’s visionary leader, Joshua develops innovate platforms for expanding Ledbetter and directs the company’s daily operations.

Julie Ledbetter, Chief Marketing Officer at Ledbetter, Inc.

Chief Marketing Officer

Julie, a fitness enthusiast, is passionate about teaching people to live free from the world’s expectations. She heads all marketing campaigns and tangibly spreads Ledbetter’s mission through product creation and design. Over the last four years, she has shipped Ledbetter apparel to people all over the world in hopes that it inspires them to live every day better.

Brooke Markovich, Director of Online Training Services at Ledbetter, Inc.

Director of Online Training Services

Brooke oversees the online training services department. Having successfully coached hundreds of VIP teammates, Brooke uses her expertise to mentor Ledbetter’s team of coaches. She has a passion for developing programs that enables people to achieve their fitness goals in a balanced, sustainable manner.

Kelsey Bowman, Coach at Ledbetter, Inc.


Kelsey, an integral member of the coaching staff, trains VIP teammates across the globe. She has also created hundreds of self-guided macros programs over the years. Kelsey is committed to excellence in body, mind, and soul and is passionate about helping her teammates optimize their training and nutrition.

Annika, Coach at Ledbetter, Inc.


Annika, a former VIP teammate as well as Ledbetter ambassador, now contributes her talents to Team Ledbetter as a member of the coaching staff. A power lifter and CrossFit enthusiast, she works with teammates around the world to achieve their goals through daily betterment of body, mind, and soul.

Ellen Yin, Publicist at Ledbetter, Inc.


Ellen’s focus is to increase Ledbetter’s public presence, as well as cultivate relationships both within the community and with other brands and influencers. She assists in developing marketing strategies, managing the company’s social media, and leading the ambassador program.

Dani Wolters, Lead Designer at Ledbetter, Inc.

Lead Designer

She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Apparel Design and Production. 6 years of experience with a variety of brands and across a range of categories, most recently in outerwear and active lifestyle apparel. Dani has a sharp eye for blending trends with functionality.

Emily Owens, Coordinator at Ledbetter, Inc.


After serving as a coach for two years, Emily recently transitioned into her role as coordinator. Melding her passion for people and adventure, Emily now plans all Ledbetter events, ranging from company retreats, to public meet-ups and boot camps. These events provide opportunities to further connect the Ledbetter community.

Meg Bush, Recipe Developer and Food Blogger at Ledbetter, Inc.

Recipe Developer & Food Blogger

Megan creates recipes e-books and food blogs for Ledbetter. After struggling with eating disorders and body images for years, she found healing, joy, and purpose through cooking and photography. Meg’s hope is to encourage self-love, and to show that true health encompasses not only the body, but the mind and soul as well.